Intentional Spending – October

October is going to be another big one in terms of over spending. There’s a number of things that I didn’t do in September that I want to purchase in October. These are mostly holiday related expenses. I did knock a few of those out last month but they weren’t the ones that I actually wanted to pay for but they needed to be done regardless and now they are.

Here is what I plan on spending in October

  • One piece bathers – up to $100.00
  • High waisted bloomers/dance shorts – up to $50.00
  • Heels for dancing – up to $80.00
  • Accomodation for QLD – up to $1500.00
  • Flights to NZ – up to $1000.00
  • Money for Oktober festival event – up to $100.00
  • Uber for friend’s engagement party – up to $50.00
  • Car Registration – $800.00
  • Twerk Class – $100.00
  • Additional dance class – $100.00
  • House of Dior exhibition tickets – $26.00
  • Doctors appointment – $80.00

This is my list of additional purchases.

  • Black loafers/shoes for work – up to $150.00
  • A new water bottle that tallies how many bottles have been drunk, is BPA free and made of glass – $50.00
    I bought this last month.
  • Single serve bowls that can be microwaved x 4 – up to $50.00
    I’ve decided I no longer want this item. Initially I wanted these for single serve soups/casseroles but now it’s coming into summer I’m going take these off my list until next year
  • iPod – $219.00
    Item is no longer available
  • iPod Touch – $258 – $298
    I haven’t decided which one I want, the 16GB or the 32GB. I’ll wait and see what sort of vouchers I get for Christmas before deciding
  • Flat black ankle boots – up to $200

I had an update with the new door. The permit has only just been assigned to a case officer so hopefully we’ll have some sort of idea of costs in the next couple of weeks. My fiance’s roster has changed so it means he won’t be getting as much overtime as he previously was so I may have to put a hold on the furniture and artwork but that’s ok. It’s nearing Christmas so I may be able to score some cash or vouchers for those sorts of things.

Budget Spend – $3986.00
Additional Spend – $648.00

September Intentional Spending – Wrap Up

September was an expensive month. I knew it would be so I was prepared. I had some savings money transferred across to my everyday account so I could pay off my credit card as soon as I needed to. Although I went well over budget, I already had the money for most of the excess so that’s always a bonus.

Here is what I spent

  • Make up – up to $50.00
    I bought a few lipsticks and nail polishes – $33.36
  • Train ticket for check up with the surgeon – $6.00
    As always, exactly $6.00
  • Train ticket for final check up with surgeon – $6.00
    Again, exactly $6.00
  • Flights to Brisbane – up to $700.00
  • Book accommodation for QLD – up to $1500.00
    Haven’t done this yet so will transfer over to October spending
  • Flights to NZ – up to $1000.00
    Also haven’t done this so will also be transferred to October spending
  • Nephew’s Birthday present – $100.00
    I already had purchased a couple of books for him but he now has a bank account so I gave him $50.00
  • Food for Grand Final Day BBQ – up to $100.00
    Fiance’s paid for this so $0.00
  • Doctors appointment – $80.00
    I never made this specific doctors appointment but I did go to the doctor as I was sick but it was a bulk billing surgery so it came to $0.00

This is my list of additional purchases.

  • Black loafers/shoes for work – up to $150
  • A new water bottle that tallies how many bottles have been drunk, is BPA free and made of glass – $50
    As mentioned above, I purchased a new water bottle. I’m not 100% happy with it – it doesn’t fit in my car’s cup holder, it makes a whistling noise when I drink out of it and it doesn’t have a counter for how many bottles I have drunk but it’s the closest I could find to what I wanted so it will do – $24.95
  • Single serve bowls that can be microwaved x 4 – up to $50
  • iPod – $219

Here is what else I purchased during September

  • Kmart – $27.00
    I bought the book 13 Reasons Why, a game and stockings
  • Dollar Store – $31.47
    I bought a birthday card, a storage box and some paint supplies
  • Google Play  – $54.99
    I purchased the Asana Rebel app for the year. I haven’t really used it much
  • LA Dance Studio – $100.00
    I enrolled in a 6 weeks Twerking class. I started it a couple of weeks ago and am really enjoying it
  • Cotton On – $50.00
    I purchased new shorts for the twerking class and also a new set of summer pjs
  • Nourished life – $68.90
    I purchased another lip gloss and hand cream as part of my Self Love Week Challenge BUT this also included a water bottle so I can now cross that off my Additional Purchases list!
  • Bali Accommodation – $2128.26
    I paid for the accommodation for our second week in Bali for next year
  • Passport Renewal – $277.00
    Had to be renewed because my face has changed due to the jaw surgery I had a couple months back and also because it was expiring next year
  • Photos for passport – $16.95
    Pretty self explanatory
  • Travel insurance – $161.00
    Because I am not an idiot. Honestly it baffles me that people spend thousands on a holiday and just can’t be bothered paying a couple hundred dollars to insure their trip
  • Bali flights – $1201.00
    Booked with Jetstar. I wanted to go with Garuda as I prefer flying with them but Jetstar worked out to be $500 cheaper between the two of us so it won out
  • Deposit for my wedding dress – $2229.65
    I’ve decided to get my wedding dress made, so this portion of the fee is to cover all the fabrics. Hopefully the dressmaker gets in touch with me today and I’ll have a better idea of what the additional cost will be. I’ve been told to expect around $1800.

It occurred to me last night that Medicare still haven’t sent back my anaesthetist bill which means I haven’t been able to claim that back from my private health insurance yet. I’ll need to make sure I follow up on that. There’s a lot that I need to carry over to next month but again, they were things that I had planned – just wasn’t sure when I wanted to actually pay for them.

Budget Spend – $3542.00
Actual Spend – $531.08
Extra Spend – $6346.22



Jaw Surgery Update – 8 Weeks Post Op

It’s been 8 weeks since my jaw surgery and honestly everything feels pretty much back to normal.

There are still some minor issues – still no full feeling in my bottom lip or chin area. It is coming back – I feel when I bite the inside of my lip and occasionally I can feel if there is water or food or something on my chin so it’s slowly getting there. It’s like the top layers of the skin have feeling back but it’s the deeper levels that still need to get it but this is common and a side effect I knew about so I’m not worried.

I do have a new side effect which is super weird but when I drink something cold I get two little cold sensations on both cheeks. It is really strange and I don’t like it.

I still can’t eat big bite items like burgers without having to use a knife and fork which isn’t so terrible. Even with just braces before the surgery I struggled and would at least cut the burger in half before trying to eat it. I have been lazy with the exercises I was given so I only have myself to blame for my bite size not improving as quickly as I’d like.

I don’t think I have any swelling anymore. I can’t feel any but I can’t tell as the skin around my chin where I’m still missing sensation feels spongy but I’m not sure if that’s swelling or just because I don’t have full sensation there.

I had my last appointment with the surgeon on Monday which again went for all of 2 minutes but he was happy with my recovery. I don’t have to see him again until August next year for my 1 year check up.

The orthodontist said to me a couple of weeks ago that there is a good chance I could have my braces off this year. Although that’s great news I’m going to keep expecting it to be next year so if it does happens earlier then great but if not then it’s fine also. I’m inclined not to believe the orthodontist because they do tend to underestimate timings for some reason.

I’m finally used to my face. It took me a while and to be honest I was a bit conflicted about it at first. I just didn’t look or feel like me but now I do. It’s hard because although your face is still your face, it’s incredible how much it changes with such a small movement of the jaw. Most people have been really positive about the whole thing – some exceptions but I’m not surprised by them, in fact they were expected.

But ultimately the whole experience has been a really positive one for me. I’ve had no issues and honestly my recovery has been a breeze compared to what some people go through. I don’t know whether it’s simply luck, researching great professionals to do the works, positive thoughts or a combination of all 3 but I’ve been really grateful that things worked out so well for me.

5 Things I’ve Learned About My Relationship With Food

It’s amazing how little food I actually need to survive. I know I overeat. It’s something that’s been with me since childhood and something that I’ve been working on ever since I recognised the issue. It was really reinforced during recovery from surgery when I couldn’t eat much and quite frankly didn’t really have an appetite to.

Here are some of the things I’ve changed about my eating habits

  1. Not eating out of habit
    I’ve always, when making myself toast or eggs, served myself two regardless of whether I wanted them or not. It was something that just always happened.  After surgery I realised that I was more than satisfied with just one and that I usually ate the other out of habit. If I’ve finished and want some more, I can always make more even though it can be annoying.
  2. Drinking water
    If I feel hungry, I drink a glass of water. When I’m working I can easily get my 2 litres a day but when I’m home I really struggle. I don’t substitute food with water but it does help me differentiate between hunger and thirst.
  3. Make my own junk food
    I’ve learned that it’s ok to have cravings but what’s better is if I can make healthier versions of what I crave. Chocolate and cookies are my biggest weakness so I make my own with ingredients like coconut oil, cacao powder, oats, honey, banana etc.
  4. Accepting that its ok to leave food
    This is the hardest one for me. I have a complicated relationship with food as so many people do and whilst I’m working on it, it still comes out. Leaving food is one of the hardest things for me. I became accustomed to eating everything served to me for a number of reasons and I just couldn’t understand how people stopped halfway because they were full. I realised after researching eating habits that I had grown my stomach to only be full after a lot of food, too much for what my body actually needs. So now if I feel full, more often than not I can leave food on my plate. I still struggle with this when I eat out because there’s the financial side of it but it’s improving. I do now manage to go to places that also serve take-away which means if I don’t finish my meal, I can take it home. Last night I still had a good 2/3 of my pasta on my plate once I was done so it was packed up and it is now my lunch today. If more places were allowed to do this, I think many people wouldn’t overeat when they are out.
  5. Understand that I can have anything I want, when I want
    I’m very lucky that as an adult, I’ve never gone without. I can basically afford to buy myself anything I crave and cook it that night. This is something that is a really big issue for me like point no. 4. It took me a really long time to understand that I don’t need to gorge myself on something just because it’s there because I can have it again tomorrow if I want.

These are all things that have helped me understand my relationship with food. It’s still complicated and there’s still a long way to go but it’s improving and for that I’m thankful.


Note – one book that really helped me with identifying my unhealthy relationship with food is Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. I re-read it at least once a year just as a reminder.

Project 333 Update

I started Project 333 last week and have found it to be fairly easy during the work week. As mentioned in the previous post, I already have a work uniform that I adhere to, made up by me so I ensured that those items were part of my 33 items. The weekend was a little different. I longed to wear items that I haven’t worn in a long time. Items that I wouldn’t have even thought of wearing and only did because I’ve restricted myself. I think that’s the issue with these types of experiments – you don’t want things when they’re available but the second you can’t have them it’s all you want and all you think about.

I only went through a few items. I wore 3 different types of outerwear, 3 tops and one bottom. I wore 3 different types of shoes and no dresses. It’s been easy so far but one thing I realised is that I have to really be on top of washing my clothes as soon as I’m done wearing them. Being in Melbourne it rains every second day so I do tend to dry things on an indoor clothes horse and depending on the item it can take 2-3 days to completely dry but I’m sure as long as I keep on top of that, things should be fine.

I was thinking it will be interesting because when I decided to do this challenge, I don’t think I had planned to go on a holiday to the Sunshine State (QLD, Australia) where it’s usually quite warm. I don’t generally wear dresses without stockings and a jumper/jacket/cardigan but I think I’ll have to during this trip if I want to stick to the Project 333. I still have 2 items to choose so perhaps I’ll make that decision before my trip or alternatively, I may have to swap out some items for this specific trip. The problem with either of those options is that I only have one option for summer bottoms and they are the pair of shorts I already have included in my list so I’d have to go buy something else. But the point of this challenge for me was to help me work out whether I have a well rounded wardrobe so if I feel I’m missing a key summer piece or two then I’m more than happy to purchase something that fits my style.

Project 333

A few months ago I wrote a post about Project 333 where you wear 33 items for 3 months. I finally decided to take part from October – December. I will wear only 33 items (excluding underwear, socks/stockings and gym gear) for the 3 month duration. The exception being that I have an engagement party and a Christmas party to attend so I will wear items that are not part of the Project 333 and will come from my wider wardrobe. I’m looking forward to it. Initially I thought it’d be easy but October through to December in Melbourne, Australia encompasses such a wide range of temperatures and weather types that I’ll need to make sure that the items I’m choosing are practical and can be layered.

Here are the items I have chosen for the experiment.


  • Black Cotton On jeans
  • Stone Cotton On jeans
  • Black Asos skirt
  • Blue Jeans West shorts


  • Black Decjuba semi-sheer shirt
  • Black and white Katies short sleeve top
  • Black and white Portmans long sleeve top
  • Black and white Only long sleeve blouse
  • Black, grey and white Wayne Cooper short sleeve top
  • Cotton On black long sleeve top
  • Cotton On black singlet
  • Cotton On black t-shirt


  • Burgundy Wittner ballet flats
  • Black Innovare heeled boots
  • Black Rollie flats
  • Tan Wittner boots
  • Berry Haviana thongs
Wittner flats, Innovare heeled boots, Rollie flats, Wittner boots, Haviana thongs


  • Black Seed jumper
  • White Staff by Maff jumper
  • Blue H&M jumper
  • Black Cue jumper
  • Navy, blush and white Temp jumper
  • Grey Zara knit
  • Black and white Staff by Maff cardigan
  • Black Target faux leather jacket
  • Grey Cotton On cardigan


  • Black ASOS long sleeve dress
  • Patterned Witchery dress
  • Black ASOS sleeveless dress
  • Black and white Kmart dress
  • Black Atmos&Here zip dress

I don’t quite have 33 items. I have 31. But I’m going to stick with the 31 to start with. I’m going to allow myself to add 2 more items during the time frame if I choose to. I don’t feel like I will need to but we will see.  I may add some other bottoms as the weather gets warmer but I’m very happy with my choices. I already have a self-appointed wardrobe for work so I’m actually giving myself a bit more to play with now.

I’m on day 3 so far and it’s been fairly easy. Day 1 was spent in pj’s as it was a Sunday and yesterday I wore my Rollies, black jeans, black long sleeve top and the Zara knit. Today I’m wearing Rollies, black jeans, Decjuba shirt and Seed jumper.

Only 89 days to go!

September Goals – Update

At the start of September I wrote out a list of things I wanted to achieve. Not only was it the start of a new month but it was also the start of a new season. I felt like I was ready to take on the world but sadly, my body did not agree. Whilst I felt physically fine to start with, I forgot that my body was still in recovery mode from surgery so I think I went a little too hard too soon.

Here’s a more detailed account of what went wrong.

  • To exercise daily
    I did really well until day 12. I was doing the 30 day challenge on the 7 minute app but 2 things stopped me from completing it – 1) the app was getting boring. The first few days there were a variety of exercises and you didn’t need to repeat most things 30 times. As I completed the days, I noticed that the app got, well lazy, it got to the point where it was 45 lunges on each leg, 50 squats, 50 ab crunches etc. Whilst that’s fine, it certainly wasn’t what I expected. I did the challenge because I wanted variety, not so I could spend 20 minutes repeating 4 exercises over and over again. 2) I got sick. Really sick. To the point where I had to take a week off work. I came to work for a week, then took a week off. It wasn’t the flu but I felt fatigued and yuck. Again, my body was still recovering from surgery so during that week I barely did any exercise other than stretch as it was all I could manage.
  • To do yoga 3 time a week
    Other than that week off work, I managed this. Some of the time it was a quick 15 minute routine, other times it was the 50 minute one that I do regularly.
  • To ensure the kitchen is tidy every night
    This worked quite well, the exception being when I was sick but that didn’t matter too much because I wasn’t in the rush the following morning so it didn’t bother me. But it did work really well. I even got into the habit of making most of my lunch the night before as well.
  • To say no more
    And I did this. Very easily. I barely went to the in-laws for mandatory family dinner (don’t even get me started), I didn’t go out if I didn’t want to. I didn’t feel guilted into staying longer than I wanted if I was out. It was nice. It was nice to remember that I’m an adult and that I can make choices without offering explanations or having to justify them.
  • To make the ‘junk’ food that I crave rather than buying it
    There were a couple of times I went out and bought things instead of making them but to be fair, that was after I broke our oven and cook top. I’ve been without one for a couple of weeks now and the new one comes on Wednesday. I’ll be able to start making things again.
  • To honour my hunger
    Again, I did this quite well for the most part but it’s always going to be a work in progress. It’s hard to change a habit that’s been with you for the entire life you remember but I figure as long as I’m doing it more often than not, then I’m winning.
  • To organise my wardrobe
    I did this. I even wrote a post about it here.
  • To read more
    I read about 4 books in the month of September so I’m pretty happy with that.
  • To practice Spanish 10 minutes a day
    Again, I did really well until I went back to work after I got sick. I just was so tired after work that I couldn’t even be bothered spending 10 minutes a day practising. But I’ll start getting into the habit again now.

I’m going to keep the same goals for October. I don’t want to add to it because these are still all a work in progress. I want to make sure that I have a handle on them before adding more.